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The Panamerican Surety Association is a not-for-profit organization which was founded in 1972 by a group of sureties from the American continent. Today, with members from 35 countries in three continents, PASA represents the world market of suretyship and credit insurance and reinsurance thereof.


PASA offers its members a variety of services and benefits, including:

  •  International meetings: Our General Assembly is held at a different venue each year. A well-balanced blend of lectures, workshops and social events make them the ideal forum at which to get updated on what is going on in the business, and a unique and time-saving opportunity for networking with top company executives and underwriting officers worldwide.

  •  Technical seminars: Aimed at mid-level officers, these Seminars focus on specific technical topics, with emphasis on regional concerns.

  •  Publications: Member companies periodically receive a printed book containing the academic proceedings of our international meetings as well as digital books, articles and reports.  

  •  PASA's International Trainee Program: A highly successful exchange program for officers from member companies who wish to get on-the-job training at a colleague company in another country.  

  •  Research Contest - Carlos Dupont Award: This annual contest is open to the general public and its purpose is to encourage and promote original research in the field of suretyship, credit insurance and their reinsurances.  

  •  Working Committees: Officers from member companies can participate in PASA's Surety, Credit and Education Committees, which carry out a number of activities throughout the year, and meet annually to exchange views, discuss issues of common concern and agree on courses of action.

  •  Bulletin Board: Through this electronic forum, members exchange information, technical assistance, expertise and advice in relation to surety and credit insurance issues.  

  •  On-line information: PASA members have access to information on the work carried out by the Working Committees, recent and historic information and data, news and articles on industry-related issues and Association activities.

  •  Statistical reports and industry news: PASA members receive quarterly reports on the figures of the Latin American bonding and credit insurance market, a daily newsletter and a weekly summary of industry news.

  •  Industry promotion: PASA works to achieve international acceptance of sound underwriting principles in the surety and credit sectors, to increase public awareness and interest in surety and credit products, and improve the legal environment under which our members operate. PASA's overall policy goal is to advocate at all governmental levels public policies that are favorable to members' interests, and to take part in matters of industry concern.

Further information can be obtained from:
PASA Operating Office

Our commitment

Our Association is committed to:

  • • Promoting technical cooperation and business relationships among its members.
  • • Deepening and disseminating the understanding of the technical principles for risk acceptance and underwriting.
  • • Promoting any and all activities tending to develop the issue of surety bonds, credit insurance and reinsurance by private enterprises.
  • • Cooperating with public and private entities and agencies, both national and international, directly or indirectly linked to our members' business.
  • • Engaging in educational and promotional activities related to our members' business. 
  • • Working towards the continuous improvement of all operating tasks to achieve members' satisfaction.

Our Values

Our guiding principles are:

  • • Spirit of service as the master cultural value. 
  • • Professionalism as an expression of responsibility, personal integrity, respect, honesty, reliability, training and development of the human resources.
  • • Productivity in our work and in the use of material and intangible resources. 
  • • Commitment to the policies of the Association and to error-free work, where quality is a priority. 
  • • Communication, internal and external, developed in a sincere, simple, accurate, timely and personalized manner, in order to achieve honest and reliable relations. 

Chart of Incorporation